We’re catching up with some of our Treats! to find out what they’re up to this holiday season….first up – Emily Ratajkowski.

Who could forget the lovely Emily: she was a standout in her group pictorial in the first issue of Treats!, stunning but unrecognizable in our second issue, then landed on the cover of our third issue and the rest is history.   She’s now stealing the spotlight in an often-run national commercial, was just named as one of the top L.A. models to watch, and her videos are amongst the most watched online.  By the way, Emily’s also featured in our latest issue too – making her the only model to appear in all four.

Let’s find out more about this little Treat’s holiday plans…..



Where’s the best place to spend Christmas Eve? 

At my parents house. It’s a really cozy house covered in ivy.


What do you eat on Christmas Eve?

Not sure what we eat traditionally on Xmas, but we definitely drink–usually hot toddies or champagne.


What are your favorite holiday songs?

I love the new, fun and sometimes sarcastic songs–like Tom Petty’s “Christmas All Over Again” or John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas”.




What is the smell of Christmas?

A fresh, living tree! My family always gets a potted tree that we eventually plant in our front yard.


What do you wear for Christmas Eve? 

Pajamas! I’m with my fam.


What’s your idea of the perfect Christmas treat?

My grandpa playing the piano.





How did you decorate your tree?

This year was the first year I had my own Xmas tree! We strung popcorn and hung dried chili peppers.


What is the gift of your dreams? 

A trip somewhere. I don’t need any stuff.


Who do you hope to kiss under the mistletoe?

My wonderful boyfriend!


What is your best memory of Christmas? 

It has been always nice to visit family on the east coast. Experiencing snow in NYC for Xmas is an especially nice treat for a CA girl like me.


Do you have a resolution for the new year? 

Haven’t quite gotten there yet, ask me January 1st.