Conceptions is part one of an ongoing photographic series entitled LA Odyssey, featuring the works of artists Lily FloresSerge Gil, and Kristy Mann.   Born out of a love and passion for Los Angeles,  Flores, Gil & Mann have collaborated to create this cohesive collection of imagery shot in the Los Angeles area.  The formula of nude models with masks covering their faces is the only absolute in the series, defining the way each story is told;  the variable being what story is told and brought forth by each individual artist.  The nudity is a specific artistic choice made to strip away any sort of signification of an era or defined style,  portraying the native unadorned view of the body, and the use of masks is to depersonalize the models so that they become stand-ins or perhaps even surrogates for their audience.  The exhibition’s array of  photographs express a diverse spectrum of emotions: some are wickedly funny, some dark and mysterious, while others are endowed with a sense of refined and quiet beauty.  Intentionally conceptual, the photographs are vessels for the personal and emotional contexts of their viewers—we get from them what we put into them.  


Conceptions: November 7th – November 21st, 2013
Bruce Lurie Gallery:  2736 South La Cienega Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 90034