treats! speaks to Issue 10 biker babe Anna Herrin about what inspires her, who she’s following on Instagram and her experience shooting for treats! Issue 10.

Interview by Luke Goodsell // Images by Ben Watts  for treats! Issue 10


Okay, first question. In the Arab-Israeli conflict, what year was–



You think I’m kidding?

I was gonna say, nobody’s ever asked me that before!


And it just so happens to be your area of expertise.

[laughs] I know! Let’s just polarize the readers right off.


Okay yes, I’m joking. What’s your favorite color?



Alright: Was there a moment when you decided you wanted to model?

No, not really. I started when I was in school in Miami. Somebody came up to me and said, “Do you wanna model?” and I was like, that seems ridiculous. And then I met the agency and figured if I could make some extra money at school, well, then why not.





So you didn’t have any ambition to be a model?

No, I definitely didn’t [affects pretentious voice] aspire to be a model.


You weren’t a stage kid.

Oh no, you’re just exposed to so much; it’s awful. I feel so lucky having gotten into this while having the traction of being in school, and not having to do all that model stuff.


Who was it that got you into it?

It was a photographer. I was at a concert in Miami and somebody came up to me and it was, like, killing my vibe. It was ultra-Miami, when I could still handle crowds. [laughs]


What inspires you outside of modeling?

Kids really inspire me. Watching kids, and their fascination with the world: Everything is exciting and amazing, they appreciate everything and they don’t have hardened views on anything or hate everyone around them yet.


Are you just describing yourself there?

[laughs] Nooooo!


Anna Herrin: “I hate everyone around me.”

No, no, no! [laughs] It’s just the fact that they see the world a certain way. They’re not hardened by life, and that inspires me. What else inspires me? I do a ton of yoga, so I think being in class and seeing everybody push through what they’re going through and try to harness that, that really inspires me—when I’m in a room and everybody’s giving it their all, you kinda feel like you have to, too.


I know what you mean about kids, though. It’s great when you meet those adults that have retained that sense of curiosity about everything.

Oh my god, those grandmas that are twerking? Fuck yes. They have the key to life. That is it!


You can never be bored that way. Did you grow up in Miami?

No, I grew up in Philadelphia. I went to the University of Miami, but I finished high school in Philadelphia. I basically only applied to colleges that were near palm trees.


No surprise that you’re here in L.A. then.

Exactly! I spent four years in Miami and I was like, “Where else are there palm trees?”




You live in LA now? How long have you been here?

Yeah, about two-and-a-half years.


And how are our palm trees?

The palm trees are comparable, I think. I think all palm trees are just flown over and implanted. [laughs] They look like all the other $10,000 palm trees they had at my school.


Apart from yoga, are there other things you’re passionate about outside of modeling?

Well I’m super-passionate about the people I love, so my family and really close friends—I can count them both on a very small hand. I don’t like to waste my time, and I know they’re the most important people and as you get older they’re the ones who’re gonna be with me. So those are my passions. I like to have good investments, and that’s a good investment.


Why’d you get into Instagram? Was it a way to promote your modeling?

Not really. When I first got Instagram I thought it was a picture editing app, so I was just posting the same 35 pictures in a row and I had no idea—it was just me and my sister at the beach. [laughs] I didn’t know it was social, that it was posting. [laughs] So I just hit send, thinking I was sending it to my photo album or something. Ooops.


When did your Instagram start to take off?

I worked with a bunch of girls in L.A. who had a ton of followers. We all hung out and took photos together, and at the time I had, like, no followers and they had a ton, and everybody was tagging me. I woke up the next day and was like, “Oh, shit.”


You’re like, “So this isn’t a photo editing app.”

[laughs] I was like, “Oh no, people can see these pictures now!”


When did all the power go to your head, though?

Um, I got really cocky when… [laughs]


Come on, enough with the humble routine already. Let’s hear some brazen arrogance.

[laughs] You need to talk to runway girls, that’s where you gotta go. They’re like, “I get out there and strut my stuff.” [laughs] You don’t wanna go there.


What kind of images are the most popular for you?

I can’t get a read on my followers. I have no idea. Ad shots do pretty well, I would say, they’re a go-to crowd pleaser. I dunno, sometimes my really humiliating videos get a lot of traction. Usually the more embarrassing, the more likes and comments.



How many followers do you have?

Not that many, it’s like 105,000.


That’s quite a lot, though.

Oh it’s definitely more than I would have expected. I’m not as good at it as I should be, though. I could definitely be better at it. I post for fun, and I don’t take it that seriously.


Would you say that your Instagram reflects you, then?

I think so. I think that’s maybe why I don’t grow as fast as the other girls. [laughs]


You’re not cultivating your brand.

[laughs] Exactly! I’m not very good at creating the brand of Anna Herrin. I exist as Anna Herrin. I exist, I live, and that is the brand. [laughs]


Do you know who’s following you—like, anyone famous?

I don’t know if I could check who’s following me, ’cause then you’d have to go through them all. I feel lucky to say that I don’t have that much free time that I’m checking every single one of my followers. But I definitely notice nice comments a lot. And I have a lot of girl followers, which is nice—they like more model pictures.


Ever get any weird, stalker kind of people?

No. I’ve gotten some weird things like people saying, “Can you send me pictures of your feet” and stuff like that.


What is with that.

I don’t know! I don’t wanna talk shit on the foot fetish, but I don’t know.


I know, like whenever you look up actresses one of the first Google hits is their foot size.

See, that’s weird! I didn’t know until I started getting multiple requests.


Do you ever respond?

Oh no. It’s like the crack den of Instagram over on the DMs. [laughs]


You should post a photo of some really gross, disgusting feet.

[laughs] But here’s the thing, some people are into that shit. People are weird, and I don’t want those followers. [laughs] No, no, no!




Who do you like to follow?

I like to laugh all day, so my personal favorite right now is Daquan—he’s just posting funny shit all day. Really just funny people. I like to follow people that travel a lot, who’re posting pretty pictures of the ocean and things like that. People who are doing cool stuff. Something that catches your eye, like a blue ocean—or somebody getting their nose smashed into a cake. [laughs]


They’ve done studies on stuff like that. What kind of things catch the eye, what’s the most attractive color, how much negative space to use, etc.

Some people have statistics on this stuff. Oh my god, there are so many girls that can only talk about one topic: Instagram. They will give you a stat, like graphs, data points, pie charts and you’re like, “Where did that come from?”


See, those people are cultivating a brand.

I know. [laughs] They are.


Then again, here we are talking about it for an interview.

[laughs] We are. So basically, they’re the ones laughing at us.


Who would you most love to have follow you on Instagram?

Umm, the President of the United States.


How do you know he’s not following you?

I don’t know! [laughs] I guess if he is, I could die tomorrow. My dreams have been met.


So why did you decide to shoot for treats! now?

The time is right. I feel pretty confident with myself, confident with my body, and I also feel comfortable saying “no” to things that I’m not comfortable with. When I was younger I probably would have done anything somebody asked me to and then regretted it later. But now I’m at a place where I’m not afraid to stand up for myself. And I’m excited to just make art that looks awesome.


Cool. Now we can get back to the Arab-Israeli conflict. So, in 1948…

1948, that’s when Israel became a state, right?


It was! Maybe we’ll put that as the first answer. History with Anna.

[laughs] History with Anna!

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model // anna herrin / Elite Model Management / @annaherrin

photography // ben watts / Art Department / @wattsupphoto

styling // lisa bae / The Rex Agency / @lisabae

makeup // fiona stiles / The Wall Group / @fionastiles

hair // david cox / Art Department / @davidcoxhair

location // Heroes Motorcycles / Los Angeles / @heroesmotorcycles