Jasmine Sanders, also known as Golden Barbie (and appropriately so), has been on the treats! radar for quite some time now. Her striking looks and stunning features can be seen in the pages of numerous magazines and maybe most famously, her Instagram page, where she has a mere 1.3 million followers. treats! chats with Jasmine about her presence on social media, who she’s keeping up with and her recent cover for treats! Issue 10 shot by legendary photographer Tony Duran.

Interview by Camille Orders

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What made you first join Instagram?

I got on Instagram on my 20th birthday, four years ago. I honestly just joined to use the filters for my own personal photos.


What was your first upload?

I was at an amusement park for my birthday with a group of my friends. The photo is still on my Instagram.




How many followers do you have?

1.3 million.


What are your most liked posts, and what is it about them that makes them popular?

People like to see selfies of me with different make-up looks as well as behind the scenes of my photo shoots.




Who would you absolutely love to have follow you on Instagram?

Zoë Kravitz. I love her style and her spirit.



What’s the best job you booked via Instagram?

I have several agencies so work goes through my agents at all times.




Who are your favorite people you follow?

I like to follow my siblings and some friends from back home so that I’m always up to date with anything regarding family and my hometown.



Do you think Instagram has transformed your life?

I wouldn’t say it has transformed my life but it helps me see what’s going on in the lives of the people closest to me and what’s going on around the world—be it style, news, or beautiful pictures of exotic places.



How many followers do you hope to have a year from now?

Honestly, I don’t even know if a year from now I’m still going to have an Instagram. I’m thankful for the followers and fans that I have gained but at the same time I have no expectations.


Finally, why shoot for treats! now?

I’m older and coming into a new me, and I want to express a different side of me in a photo shoot. And what better way to do that than working with the treats! team.

Click here to purchase Jasmine’s cover of treats! Issue 10.


model //Jasmine Sanders / Vision / @golden_barbie
photography // Tony Duran / @tonyduranphoto
stylist // Lawren Sample / Crosby Carter Management / @lawrensample
hair & makeup // Kela Wong / using Tom Ford Cosmetics and FHI HEAT / FR8ME / @kelawong