NAME: May Lindstrom
FAVORITE TREAT: Cocoa, rose, ylang-ylang and lavender crazy sexy golden body oil.

Hey, May, what’s up? How are you?
Life has never been better. I am pretty much the happiest woman in the world.

Any campaigns or shoots lately?
I did a few beauty campaigns and cool creative projects over the last year, but mostly I have been taking a time-out to really focus on growing my skin care line. It’s just a baby and needs lots of love!

You did an amazing shoot for treats! recently. Describe it in 10 characters or less.
Ink. Animal. Child. Woman. Skin. Unraveled. Sex. Art.

Your skin care line, May Lindstrom Skin,  is getting lots of buzz…
It has been the most incredible journey. I started formulating as a little girl, concocting magic potions from plants and mud while other girls played with dolls. As I grew up, I was really entranced with the history of beauty rituals, of the anthropological aspect of this kind of self love and expression. I was also extremely sensitive to chemicals and my playful passion grew into a need for more pure solutions to indulging my delicate skin. Through lots of research and experimentation, my skills grew and along with it friends and families demand for my potions. Three years ago I decided to take a giant leap of faith and started developing a line designed to go out into the world. I launched at Christmas and it’s been blessed chaos ever since.

Where can someone purchase your skin treats?
For the moment, May Lindstrom Skin is available exclusively from my website I want to keep the experience intimate and leave the door open for interaction between myself and my clients. The only way I can ensure this is to keep sales direct and not filtered through a retailer.

You are about to be a skincare mogulette!
Thank you for the vote of confidence! It has been really amazing to see the response I have been getting to each of the products. There are some really big names loving what I am doing but more importantly I am finally really able to reach people who are passionate about creating space for themselves in a healthy and beautiful way. This was the goal; I never set out to create a line. I simply loved formulating. My background was originally in food and I was sure I would end up in a chef’s hat.

What’s your ritual before a big shoot?
Eat clean, which I do anyways. Sleep, which I always strive to get enough of. Treat my skin to something yummy. Find out as much about the creative team as I can to see where I fit in the vision—being familiar with the photographer’s work is key. Moving for the camera is second nature to me, so I just try to create a positive environment and let it flow.

What are the best foods to eat for your skin?
Greens. Avocados, good oils, lots of nourishing fats from plant sources. I always tell my clients to eat the rainbow—your plate should have every color. Beets, sweet potatoes, kale, blueberries, purple cabbage…the more vibrant the better. Your body needs variety and your skin will reward you with its glow.

What do you like to receive for your birthday?
My husband in his birthday suit!

What’s the most bizarre casting call you have been on?
Once I was sent out for what I assume was a costume catalog. Everyone was Japanese and spoke not a word of English to me. They just kept handing me very bizarre and quite skimpy costumes and observing me in them. Like twenty outfit changes. I had no idea what was going on.

NYC or LA?
I love New York. I love working there and visiting there. I love the energy and pulse of the city. But I have grown to adore Los Angeles. There is really nowhere else where in one day I can go to the ocean, the mountains, the desert, the forest and the city and also partake in any cuisine I like for dinner.

Gisele or Alessandra?
Lara Stone! I’m a sucker for gap teeth and bee-stung lips. And her boobs are absurdly perfect.

Beach or mountains?
Beach, nestled up against the mountains, preferably with some jungle thrown in, too.

Flowers or chocolates?
Chocolates—or wildflowers, hand picked.

Kiki de Montparnasse or Agent Provocateur?
Bare skin, damp from a hot shower.

Helmut Newton or Herb Ritts?
Two greats. Herb Ritts if I must.

Favorite spot in Paris?
A cozy restaurant with beautiful food and a hidden corner booth for lots of kissing.

If you could fly anywhere right now where would that be?
I’ve been yearning to go on a safari. Sleep under the stars and listen to all the wild animals come out on the prowl.

What shoes are you wearing right now?
None! I prefer bare feet at any opportunity.

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?
Kiss my husband.

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